It's time for Camp!

Below you will find some need-to-knows as you prepare to work at the 2017 camp.  Please read through everything thoroughly and don't hesitate to shoot us an email with any questions.


Below you will find the three forms that must be filled out and signed (Background Check Authorization, Emergency Contact info & food/medical needs, and the Sexual Misconduct Policy).

Please complete by JUNE 26TH.

For your convenience, forms may be completed and signed online via DocuSign: 




Getting Paid

If you have changed addresses since last year or have not yet filled out a W-9 for Prodigy Camp, please do so.

You may email completed W-9's to or just fill one out in person when you come to camp. We will be able to hand you a check at camp for the agreed upon fee. 

For volunteers and unpaid interns-- no need to fill this out.




You should have all received individual emails with details pertinent to your position.  Here are some general notes for the different roles:

COUNSELORS:  The plan is to have a pow-wow at camp on the evening of the 6th before Prodigy campers arrive and The morning of the 15th before Production campers arrive.  We'll do a detailed run through all of the kids, sleeping arrangements, special needs, schedules, etc. 

INSTRUCTORS & GUEST SPEAKERS: We are so grateful to have you.  Please let us know if you have any particular equipment needs or special requests that you haven't already shared with us.

FILM MENTORS/ EDITORS:  As usual, we will be relying heavily on the gear you have for filming and editing. Any damages caused by campers, etc. will be covered by camp if you do not already have insurance on your gear. Phillip Schoen will be in charge of wrangling all the equipment this year.  Important: Please send a detailed list of the gear you will be bringing to camp to Phillip by JUNE 26th. Phillip's email is

MUSIC MENTORS: We have two PA systems, microphones and a 12x8 (possibly extended to 16x8) recording booth. It sounds like music campers are bringing their own equipment, but please bring whatever you think will be useful. If you have questions on what to bring, connect with Kris ( or Max ( 

INTERNS: Max will connect with you before camp to discuss your individual roles, responsibilities and dreams for camp. 


We’d also like to ask that film mentors, music mentors and interns bring a sleeping bag & pillow. If you recall last year, we had to get a little creative with the sleeping situation. While most of you will get a bed, some will have to sleep on a cot with a sleeping bag. We wont be able to finalize the sleeping arrangements until we arrive at camp, so we’d appreciate it if you could just come prepared with something to sleep in. Do note that it'll likely be very warm, even at night. 



Here's the headshots & names. A couple more may be added last minute.



Note this is a work-in-progress schedule and is subject to change a bit.



The property is now owned by a fantastic family called the Giengers. Lonnie, Shelley and their kids have lived in the area for years and have very kindly offered up their new property for camp use once again. This is very generous of them as it means they will need to move out from the 6th-19th to accommodate us. Their son, SKY will be a music camper and we've invited them to stop by for talent shows, etc. so it's likely you'll get to meet them. 

The property is now their home so let's be extra mindful to respect it (removing shoes in doors, etc.).


This year, there will be no internet down at the lower house.  Mentors & editors: before you FREAK OUT, note that we do have a plan to possibly move you up to the lower floor of the upper house.

With that said, we ask that all film and music mentors, editors, & teachers PRE-DOWNLOAD whatever materials you can before coming to camp.  We will have reliable internet in the upper house, however it will be through cellular (2-3 Verizon Jetpacks).  We'll definitely be able to download media in a pinch, but will have limited bandwidth so again, please do your best to come prepared.

DRUGS & Alcohol Policy

We will again be enforcing a zero tolerance policy with drugs & alcohol on campers so this year we ask that staff also refrain from substances on property and in the presence of the campers. 

one Last (but important) note:

"With great power comes great responsibility."
-Uncle Ben... or maybe it was Dumbledore... or some Jedi?

We all know the REAL "prodigies" here are staff ;-).  You have all been invited this year because well... you're awesome.  We are truly grateful for your willingness to share your talents, time, and passion for film, music or mentoring teens.

This year, we'd like to highlight just how much you all mean to the campers as well.  For many coming to camp, this is quite literally the best week of their life-- at least one of the most impactful.  Not only do they take leaps in progressing their craft-- they pour their heart out around the fire and dive deep into trying to figuring out who they are and who they want to be.  Do not underestimate the role that YOU play in their stories during this pivotal week.  For better or worse, the campers will be looking up at you for inspiration and influence so we invite you to just be mindful of your words and actions "on and off set."  

This is all to say:  Bring your A-game and let's have some fun as we help develop these characters!



CAMP ADDRESS:  950 Via Kachess Road, Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest,  Easton, WA 98925, USA


1.  From Seattle, Take I-90 East for about 60 miles

2.  Take Exit 62 toward Kachess Lake Rd

3.  Turn Left onto Kachess Lake Rd- (You will go back over the freeway)

4.  Turn Right on Via Kachess Rd- (Approx. 2.9 there will be a yellow sign with a fire truck sign directly before the turn)

5.  Go approximately 0.5 miles, the driveway will be on your left (look for a "Prodigy Camp" sign just inside the gravel driveway)



Rick at (phone: 206-719-4141)

Max at (phone: 206-719-1838)

Ned at (phone: 206-617-3532)