the what 

The Prodigy Camp is a week long intensive camp for the most promising young filmmakers and songwriters in the world. Held just outside Seattle, WA by filmmaker Rick Stevenson and some of the industry’s most esteemed professionals (including Emmy & Oscar winners), the camp creates a space dedicated to helping aspiring young artists explore and develop the art of storytelling through filmmaking and songwriting. Filmmakers and musicians alike hone in on the fundamentals of their art, absorb hours of mentoring and instruction, develop new scripts and songs, all the while pushing the boundaries of their own personal journey. At the end of the week, the film students are faced with the challenge of executing all their newly formed and fine tuned skills by shooting their own short film, while the songwriters are given the opportunity to professionally record one of their newly written songs. Participants not only leave with the skill set to catapult them into their craft but with a newly developed and deeply rooted community. 



With the help of talent scouts worldwide, Rick Stevenson & The Prodigy Camp staff elect 20 of the most talented teens between ages 13 and 18 to come to camp. Some of these kids have huge profiles, millions of hits on YouTube, hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter/Vine, or have starred in major Hollywood movies. Others may be from Australia, Mexico, Germany, Canada or the UK and show exceptional promise through a script or song they wrote. Casting camp is as meticulous and intentional as casting a movie, with the goal to find the perfect chemistry of established and emerging artists who together form a complex whole - something greater than what they could be alone.


the why

Our why is simple: to change the world by influencing future influencers for the better.  To develop their talent, to imbue them with a sense of social responsibility, to sharpen their moral compasses and to connect them so that they can reshape the future together.


Located 75 miles outside of Seattle, WA, this stunning property on Lake Kachess has been home to The Prodigy Camp for 4 years now. Its expansive views, large common areas, decks and beautiful landscape makes for the perfect spot for camp! Whether its classroom time on the main deck, epic games of capture the flag, movie screenings, song & script writing, campfires or filming shorts, our oasis at Lake Kachess offers everyone an inspiring space to dive deeper into their art and into themselves. 

+ A typical day at camp...

7:15 Rise - Morning Swim for those brave enough!
9:00 Film: Structure with John Jacobsen / Music: Mentoring session Kris Orlowski /Matt Bishop
12:00 LUNCH
1:00 - 2:30 Film: Directing for Camera with John Jacobsen / Music: Song Writing/Structure with Kris Orlowski
2:30 – 4:00 Film: IMPROV and Acting techniques for film with Ned Hosford & Nathan Gamble /
Music: One-on-One songwriting mentorship, Individual Writing, Talent Show Prep with Kris Orlowski
4:00 Group Activity / Work on scenes or finish Individual Scene Conferences
6:45 The Strategy of Film Festivals
7:30 Program—Talent Show
9:15 Campfire with Rick
10:30 Lights Out