Around the campfire at Prodigy Camp is home to some of the most imprinting moments I remember. It’s the place of my greatest fears and my biggest dreams at the same time. It’s one of the few places I’ve ever been able to open up. One of the few places I feel safe.
— Rosa Berndt

KING 5 Feature 2013

words from our alumni 

Camp really taught me to be bolder. Not just with my creativity in film, but also in everyday life. A few years ago, I was certainly lacking confidence. But after I shared my campfire story, and heard all of the other campers stories, I realized that I wasn’t alone in my confidence struggles. I noticed when I got back home from camp that I started making more decisions that really molded my character and personality.
— Nathan Gamble
I can without a doubt say that Prodigy Camp is close to, if not the best experience I have been able to have in my short 17 years on this world. I strongly recommend anyone interested in filmmaking or storytelling to consider this camp. It’s a life changer
— Adam McAurther
Every year, without exception, participants leave a better version of themselves than when they arrived. Every year, without exception, I too leave a better version of myself.
— Rick Stevenson