2019 Prodigy Campers!

Camp just around the corner! We know many of you are still working hard on your scripts but please provide answers to the following questions at your earliest convenience  (no later than Sunday July 14th).

IMPORTANT: As you have new information, please re-submit this form.
If you think a lot will change between now and July 14th, please wait until you’re a bit more sure of your needs before submitting

We'll use this info to help make sure you're all set for your film!

Name *
Please list the actors you'll need for your film. (ie, "2 teenage boys", "1 old woman", etc.) A short description of how big or small each role is would be appreciated as well.
We know you need to actually SEE the camp in person before you can specify exact locations, but please let us know what TYPE of settings you'll need (ie, "woods", "road", "bedroom", etc.).
Please let us know if you plan to edit your own film or if you'll need/want editing help. NOTE: we will have editing stations available (iMacs loaded with Adobe Premier).
We'll do what we can to accommodate your vision for your film. Please be advised that you are responsible for your own costumes and props. Come as prepared as possible!