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The Prodigy Camp equips young talented filmmakers with the skills and knowledge they need to be the best in their field. By demanding of them both personal and professional excellence, we are raising the bar for what it means not only to be an influential artist but an influential person. The Prodigy Camp is committed to mentorship, collaboration and in helping each artist find their unique voice in the world. Through the power of storytelling and particularly, the power of telling your own story, the participants of the Prodigy Camp become more than just friends, they become apart of the same tribe.

Films made at camp

camp description

During the week long intensive, students will attend classes on everything from story structure, character development, directing for camera, acting techniques and improv., strategy for film festivals and more, all taught by the industry’s leading professionals and award winners. Each student will have the challenge of directing their own short film with a full crew and equipment as well as a mentoring DP (Director of Photography). They will also be apart of other film sets to practice techniques and roles necessary on a film crew. To prepare and complete their short film, participants will have several one-on-one meetings with mentors, DP’s and script developers, collaborative and critiquing sessions as well as a full editing team. In addition to directing their own film, students will have the chance to screen some of their previous work in front of an audience, perform in talent shows and share their life story around the campfire.

Prodigy camp has forever changed my life. The connections I’ve made, not only film-related but friendships, have been some of the closest and most rewarding in my life.
— Adam McArther


Through Prodigy Camp I made amazing filmmaker friends. I met people there that first summer who I am still in touch with, and I constantly meet more talented filmmakers who went to camp at some point. It really is an amazing network of really talented young filmmakers.
— Ruby Drake